Auction Time Bid Board

How It Works

Confused about what a Bid Board is? We are happy to explain how this works to any curious customer!

What Is A
Bid Board?

Auction Time Bid Board is a month long silent Auction that ends in a live finale Auction the first Saturday of every month. Every item up for bid has a yellow bidding tag with it to write down your bidder number and how much you want to bid on it. Items are brought in on consignment during drop off appointments, and are available for browsing and bidding until Auction Day (the first Saturday of the month). We offer a great selection of Firearms, Coins, Jewelry, Furniture, Collectibles, Antiques, and other great items, with a selection that changes every month!

Check out our commercial to learn what we are all about! 


To bid on items in our Auction, you need to register for a Bidder number at our front desk. This is a permanent number that you can use every time you come in to Auction Time Bid Board to bid on any items in our Auction. All you need to register is a valid ID. It is the Bidders responsibility to check if they've won any items. You can call us at (570) 968-4636 starting the Sunday after the Auction, give us your Bidder number, and we can tell if and what you won, and what your total will be. You can also email us at with your number and we will email you a copy of your invoice.

If you win an item at our monthly Bid Board Auction, you have 14 days after the Auction to pick up your items and pay your balance. Any items that are not paid for within the first 14 days will have an additional 10% late fee added on to the final purchase price. Any items that are not picked up by the next Auction date will be resold, and any bidder accounts that still owe a balance at that time will have their bidding privileges revoked. All items at Auction Time Bid Board are sold as-is, and there are no returns. We ask that all Bidders please check out all items to their own satisfaction before bidding on them. Items can be looked at and tested all month long up until Auction Day. If something needs to be plugged in, please ask an associate, and we can help you.


To sell items on consignment at Auction Time Bid Board, you first have to sign a consignor contract. If you already have a Bidder number, your Consignor number will be the same number. If you do not have a Bidder number, when you sign up you will be registered as a Bidder as well, and your Bidder number and Consignor number will be the same number. Once you are registered as a Consignor, you need to make an appointment to bring in your items. Schedules for drop-off appointments come out at each Auction for drop-offs in the following month. You may stop in to make an appointment at the Appointment Desk, or call us at (570) 968-4636 to make an appointment. Drop-Off Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. Auction Time Bid Board commission is 25% per item with a minimum of $2.00 per item. This $2 minimum applies even if the item does not sell. 

Proxy Bidding

If you cannot be present the day of the Auction, you can fill out a proxy bid sheet, and one of our employees will bid for you during the Auction. Stop at the front desk and pick up a pink proxy bid sheet. You must fill in your bidder number, the item number (only if it is the final week before the Auction and our blue or orange sticker is on the tag), a short description of the item, the location (rows have numbers & letters painted on the floor at the end of each isle, and cases have numbers on a sticker in the middle), and the high bid you want us to stop at. You must have a minimum high bid of $30 to submit a proxy. The employee will bid for you until your high bid is reached. You must have at least half your high bid on the card when you turn in your proxy sheet. It only costs $1 per item, due when you turn in the proxy sheet. Proxy bids must be handed in at the desk by 9 PM the Friday before the Auction. Any questions, please ask one of our associates.