Auction Time Bid Board

Consignor Contract

Copy of the Auction Time Bid Board Consignor Contract

Consignor Contract

1. Auction Time Bid Board reserves the right to accept or reject any items brought in for auction.

2. The base commission rate for Bid Board consignment items is 25% per item with a minimum of $2.00 per item. The $2.00 minimum commission also applies to each item that does not sell (“no bid items”). All miscellaneous box lots also carry an additional $5.00 charge. Upholstery processing fees apply, are posted in the drop off area, and are payable at drop off.

3. Consignors may establish a minimum opening bid (“reserve”) on individual items. The standard commission rates still apply, although if a reserve item does not sell, a reserve fee of $10 per item will be deducted from sale proceeds. Reserves may only be established prior to posting on the Bid Board. No reserve, once posted, can be raised, and may only be lowered with authorization from Auction Time Bid Board Management.

4. Consignors are not allowed by PA state law to bid on their own items. Any Consignors bidding on their own items, or having someone else bid up their items is subject to immediate loss of Bidder & Consignor privileges.

5. Auction Time Bid Board requires that any items brought in for auction are in good working order. Any items found to be in unsaleable, unusable, or non-working condition must be picked up by the Consignor within 10 days of phone notification. Items not picked up within this time will be disposed of and a disposal fee will be charged to the Consignors account.

a.    Items that are tagged with descriptions such as “works”, “new”, or “like new”, or are in non-working condition or are fake and not marked as such, as well as deceptively / incorrectly tagged items will be charged a deceptive tagging fee. This fee will be equal to the commission on the high bid of the item, or a $15.00 charge, whichever is higher.

6. Auction Time Bid Board makes every attempt to post all items brought in for the next Bid Board. If for any reason we cannot post your item for the next Bid Board, it will be held for the following month. Auction Time Bid Board will return, upon request, any item belonging to the Consignor prior to posting without cost or penalty. Once an item is posted it may not be removed from the bidding process. 

7. Items may be pulled from the Auction due to such circumstances as missing tags, illegible handwriting, revoked or unreachable Bidders, etc. These items will be clerked as “retagged” on your consignment sheet, and relisted in the following Auction at no additional charge. Auction Time Bid Board reserves the right to go to the second highest Bidder in the event the high bid is an invalid bid.

8. Auction Time Bid Board is in no way liable for loss of merchandise due to fire, theft, loss, or damage.

9. The Consignor has 14 days from the Auction date to pick up any no bid items. It is the Consignors responsibility to check if they have any no bid items. Items not picked up within this time will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. Any large or floor standing no bid items that are not picked up will be assessed an extra disposal charge (ranging from $20-$50 based on size). All no bid items will be returned to Consignors.

10. Payment for Bid Board items, unless otherwise posted, is made the third Thursday after the close of the Auction. Consignor checks may be picked up at the front desk during open hours until the following Sunday. Any payment not picked up during this time will be mailed out to Consignors the following week.

a.    Any balances due to the Bid Board, including late fees and storage, will be deducted from your Consignor check.

b.    Consignor checks are good for 120 days from the issue date. After 120 days, a replacement check may be issued upon the return of the original outdated check. An administration fee of $2.00 for each month past the first 120 days will be deducted from the check. In the case of lost checks, Auction Time Bid Board will issue replacement checks, but Consignor is responsible for all stop payment and bank fees.

11. Consignors warrant that all items consigned for auction at Auction Time Bid Board are free and clear of any liens or encumbrances and that they have complete title and right to sell, whereby waiving Auction Time Bid Board from any legal actions that may arise. 

Terms and conditions are subject to change. All changes will be posted at the Auction facility for 60 days from the date of change. This contract may be revoked at any time at the discretion of Auction Time Bid Board management.

Drop Off Guidelines

 1.       Consignors must have an appointment to drop off items. Appointments are offered on a first come, first serve basis every month. Permanent appointments are available. See an associate for more information.

2.       Only one Consignor is allowed to drop off per appointment. You cannot drop off for other people, or have others drop off at your appointment time.

3.       Please arrive on time for your appointment with your tags filled out before you begin unloading. Please make sure you have your tags filled out correctly with your Consignor number on both sides of the tag.

4.       All items must be packaged by the Consignor per Auction Time Bid Board specifications. Incorrectly packaged lots may be repackaged. All lots must be contained in only 1 box or container. Costume jewelry lots must be contained in boxes no larger than 11” x 17”.

5.       Check in at the front desk upon arrival, before you begin unloading, for direction to your designated unloading area.

6.       Do not tape over the perforations on the tags, or tape any surface that may be damaged or ripped.

7.       Do not place furniture or large, floor standing items on top of, or underneath the drop off tables. If you have floor standing items, please see an associate.

8.       Once you are finished unloading your items, let an associate know so we can check that your items are acceptable and tagged correctly. Do not leave without having an associate check your table.

9.       Please be courteous to other Consignors.


Auction Time Bid Board Does Not Accept the Following Items

 It is important to emphasize that this is not a totally inclusive list of what is or is not accepted for consignment at the Bid Board.

·         Baby & Toddler Items

·         Medical Equipment (including but not limited to: diabetes test items, gauze, shower/toilet chairs)

·         Computer Items (including but not limited to: towers, old monitors, outdated hardware, printers)

·         TVs, Air Conditioners, and Microwaves older than 5 years

·         Outdated Appliances

·         Sauder (particle board) Entertainment Centers and Desks

·         Mismatched End Tables and Nightstands

·         Single Common Chairs and Common Tables with no Chairs

·         Outdated Upholstery and Damaged Furniture

·         Used Sinks, Toilets, Vanities, and Ceiling Fans

·         Personal Care Items (including but not limited to: foot baths, bath spas, hair curlers)

·         Clothing without tags and Shoes that have been worn.

·         Humidifiers

·         Car Parts (unless deemed collectible) and Tires

·         Non-collectible stuffed animals, Avon, Common Glassware, or Home Ceramics

·         Liquor from anyone other than Decedent’s Estates (you must be the Executer of the Estate)

·         No X-rated items. Risqué items are subject to approval

·         Items that are broken, stained, moldy, ripped, torn, incomplete sets, poorly repaired, obsolete, or have offensive odors