Auction Time Bid Board

Bidder Registration Application

Copy of the Auction Time Bid Board Bidder Registration Application

Bid Board Registration Application

  1. All bidders must register and use the number assigned by Auction Time Bid Board. This will become your permanent number and can be used to bid on any tagged Bid Board items. The owner of the account is responsible for all persons using the assigned number and all winning bids on the account.
  2. The minimum opening bid on any item is $3.00, or the listed reserve. There are minimum raises listed on the back of your Bidder card. Bids not raised by the minimum amount, or bids not placed in whole or half dollar amounts, will be raised to the next correct bid increment.
  3. Once a bid has been placed on a tag it is considered a legal and binding contract between the Bidder and Auction Time Bid Board. No bid, once posted, may be changed, deleted, or otherwise altered. Alone altering or crossing off any posted bid is subject to immediate loss of bidding privileges at Auction Time Bid Board. In the event of a crossed off bid or lowered bid, the Bidder s responsible for the difference in price between their bid amount, and the winning bid.
  4. If you wish to inspect any items out of a showcase, plug in items, or test items, you may do so with the assistance of an Auction Time Bid Board employee. No item can be inspected or tested once the Auction commences.
  5. The final day for bidding is the first Saturday of the month beginning at 10:00 AM. You need not be present. Each section will be defined prior to issuing a 1-minute warning (announced by the Auctioneer). After the initial minute, that section will go into an overtime phase. Anyone wishing to bid during the overtime phase must indicate their intent to bid verbally by stating the word "Time". Each time the word "Time" is stated, the 15 second overtime clock will be reset. Bidding will continue in the overtime phase until there are no bids anywhere in that section for a full 15 seconds. When a period of 15 seconds passes without a "Time" statement, that section will close. The highest Bidder at the time of closing will be the winner of the merchandise.
  6. To pick up merchandise the day of the Auction, please take a pickup number upon arrival. If you are not present for the Auction, or wish to pick up your items at a later time, you have 14 days from the Auction day to pick up your merchandise during posted business hours.
    1. IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK IF THEY ARE A SUCCESSFUL BIDDER ON ANY ITEMS. You may call Auction Time Bid Board starting at noon the day after the Auction to see of you were the successful bidder on any items.
    2. Any items not picked up within 14 days will be assessed an additional 10% late fee. Any items not picked up by the following Auction will be disposed of, and the Bidder's privileges will be revoked.
    3. Bidders must be accompanied by an Auction Time Bid Board associate to pick up their merchandise. Bidders are not permitted to collect their own merchandise.
    4. Bidders are responsible for loading and securing all purchased merchandise into their own vehicles. Auction Time Bid Board will not be held liable for damage incurred to merchandise or vehicles.
  7. Auction Time Bid Board makes neither representation, nor warrants or authenticates any lots consigned for auction. Please inspect items to your own satisfaction, as everything is sold as is, where is, and there are No Return Privileges.
  8. A 15% Buyer's Premium will be added to your final purchase price. This will be reduced to 12% ONLY if paying by cash within the first 7 days after the Auction.
  10. Bidding at Auction Time Bid Board is a privilege and this privilege may be revoked at the discretion of Auction Time Bid Board Management.
  11. All registered Bidders agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth by Auction Time Bid Board / Blum's Auction, and S&Y Asset Management, Inc. as listed on our website and available at the front desk. Terms & Conditions are subject to change and will be posted for 30 days.